Business introduction

  • Accounts and Deposit
    Current account
    (minimum deposit: SGD 3,000 or USD 300 or Eq.)
    Time deposit
    (minimum deposit: SGD 250,000 or USD 20,000 or Eq.)

  • Remittance (in SGD, USD, EUR, AUD, RMB, JPY)
    Global payment
    Domestic payment

  • Corporate financing
    Working capital finance
    Term credit facility
    Trade finance
    Syndication Loans
    Stand-by L/C

  • Inward/Outward Bills
    L/C issuance
    Import collection (DA, DP)
    Invoice financing
    Export collection and negotiation
    L/C advising
    L/C transfer

For more information, please contact us at hotline (65) 6771-5111

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